Chocolate chip rolls with apple


Bite into this bread and taste the distinctive sour fruitiness of apples mixed with indulgent notes of chocolate...

Preparation time:

Cooking time:
The time varies depending on the type of machine and program selected. Thank you for referring to the manual for your machine.
15 m

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1 - Mix the flour, salt, sugar, butter and egg yolk in a bowl.
2 - Stir the water with the yeast and add to the bowl.
3 - Blend with a spatula for 2 minutes and add the diced apple and chocolate chips. Mix again until you have a smooth dough and finish by kneading with a rolling pin.
4 - Shape the dough into a ball, put it back in the bowl and cover with a cloth. Leave to ferment for 75 minutes in a warm place.
5 - Take the ball of dough, divide it into 4 equal pieces and leave to rest, covered, for 10 minutes. Shape into 4 buns, place them on a baking sheet and leave to proof, covered, for 120 minutes.
6 - Put the buns in an oven pre-heated to 180°C and bake for 20 minutes.


  • Butter: 40 g
  • Flour (T55): 333 g
  • Chocolate chips: 60 g
  • Salt: 7 g
  • Wholemeal flour: 60 g
  • Sugar: 60 g
  • Yolk: 1
  • Water: 80 ml
  • Apple: 60 g
  • Dry Yeast: 4 g